If you want something really badly, you’ll get it eventually. If this sentence applies to anyone, then it most definitely applies to Florian Burkhardt. He achieved nearly everything he wanted. Except the one thing that was most important to him: escaping himself. The documentary "electroboy" tells the breathtaking life story of a young man who leaves his claustrophobic Swiss surroundings for the wide world in search of fame and appreciation. In a series of success stories he reinvents himself time and again in the shortest periods possible, changing settings and careers like other people change their shirts. Yet Florian Burkhardt’s life on the fast track turns into an escape from his own biography, which finally catches up with him full force when a fateful event from the past throws its long shadow on him, and he is forced to ask himself the question: Who am I and why?

A film by Marcel Gisler with music by Balduin
Vinca Film
Production: Langfilm
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Music by Balduin | Directed by Yves Ackermann © 2011 emoticom ag - All rights reserved.
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Director: Kai Sehr | DoP: Ralf Kalle Dobrick | Editor: Felix Drawe | Animation: OPTIX Digital | Music: Balduin
Sound Mix: Loft Studios | Production Co: 539090, Snap Film | Concept: kempertrautmann, shift Presented by
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SCS, Loterie Romande commercial «L'équilibre»
Client: Hans Meier, Jeanne Berthoud | Background music & SFX: Balduin


Downhill Artist: Marc Brunner (Büro Destruct) | Music: Balduin | Camera: Jürg Brunner | Edit: Lopetz

«In action: LG Optimus 7 SBB timetable (Swisscom)»

Client: emoticom | Background music: Balduin


Logo Design by Büro Destruct | Jingle: Balduin |


Client: emoticom | Jingle: Balduin |

Film by Jeanne Berthoud and François Bovy | Produced by Chantal Bernheim | Background music: Balduin

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Recording Engineer & Sound-Editor